IAS 2018 Prelims Answer key analysis

IAS Prelims June 3rd 2018 : Question Analysis

Civil Services Exam Preliminary Exam 2018 GS paper 1 Answer Key

UPSC Exam prelims 2018 Question analysis June 3rd 2018 GS /CSAT

The prelims question as per the new trend followed by the UPSC in 2016,2017 prelims 2018 GS paper 1 given More weight-age on current affairs- various current programmes of India, climate, & Indian Polity-qns less, Traditional subjects like History got more questions almost double than last year 2017 and Geography questions are less, Questions are more of testing the minute details of sections of Current programmes or Economic issues and details.Global IAS every year strive to give best accurate results of Prelims Questions immediately after prelims Exam for betterment of students for their planning of Mains programme/ Coaching 2018.

Number of Questions

Subject wise Analysis of prelims 2018 GS paper 1

History 14 Qns
Geography 6 Qns
Indian Polity 10 Qns
Economics 16 Qns
Science & Technology 7 Qns
Art & Culture 6 Qns
Current Affairs- 32 Qns
Environment 9 Qns
TOTAL 100 Questions

2017: Adding Economics & Science and Technology Questions with current affairs total weight-age for Current affairs goes up to 47 out of 100 Questions

2018: adding Economics & Current Affairs , Sci&tech total weight-age for current affairs goes to 55 out of 100 questions, but UPSC surprisingly asked few question from 2016 Data.

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