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UPSC has already appointed an Experts committee on Optional Subjects and its due to submit the report on changes in optional, under this scenario if the candidates chose an optional which is common in General studies like Geography and Public Administration, that wont affect their preparation effort and time spent on the subjects even if the optional are removed by the UPSC for the Year 2017( Which we would come to know by latest Feb 2017 by UPSC Notification , unless until announced earlier by the UPSC before that)

Geography Optional Planner Public Administration Optional Planner

IAS 2017 candidates should prepare for the optional without waiting for Feb 2017 Notification at the same time without affecting other GS paper preparation, if they have chosen one among above two subjects – which they have great amount of overlapping with General Studies that would greatly reduce their time effort on Exam by 30% ( Because geography and Public Administration carry almost 300 & 250 Marks respectively in GS mains papers out of 1000 Marks allotted for 4 General studies papers)